Sell Your Own Home in Grand Rapids Michigan

Selling Your Own Home may be easier than you think.  First you have to decide if selling your own home is for you or are you willing to pay a real estate agent to sell you home for you?

Before making that decision you may need to know the steps it takes to sell your own home.Here is a list of steps without the detail I will be posting details on the steps over the next several weeks so you will be ready to sell in the “Spring Market”, the time of the year when more buyers look for homes than any other time of the year.  Selling your own home in the Grand Rapids Michigan real estate market will require you to take over the steps normally performed by a real estate agent.  The difference is you keep the money they charge to sell your home.

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Selling Your Own Home without a Real Estate, using "Low Cost" Professional Home Selling Tools offered

Steps to Sell Your Home.

  1. Market Value of your home.  How much will your homes selling price estimate.  Real estate agents only give you an estimate and the line…your home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay.  In some respects that is true but follow these steps and raise the value of your home.  Sell your home for more with home preparation and marketing.
  2. What homes are your selling competition?  Know which homes compete during your home selling process.  This means you must know your homes market.  Most real estate agents never give your competition a thought other than price.  They do not truly analyse home selling competition.
  3. Preparing the outside of your home for sale, getting your curb appeal ready for buyers.
  4. Preparing the inside of your house for sale, help buyers see themselves living in your home.
  5. Preparing your paperwork, disclosures, listing documents, marketing materials.
  6. Finding a discount broker to get your home listed on the local MLS so you attract real estate buyer agents and more buyers.
  7. Listing your home on a high-profile for sale by owner site to enhance your marketing materials.
  8. Distribution of Selling materials to maximize buyer exposure of your home.
  9. Hosting your first open house. Preparing your home for security and child proofing.
  10. Helping Buyer’s be able to buy your home without spending a dime.
  11. Negotiating the sale of your home and move out date from your home.
  12. Inspections and how to control the outcome.
  13. Closing your sale using an attorney or title company depending on your state’s regulations.
  14. Move preparations.  You will not be moving if you have not completed any of the other steps.

We will be publishing an article a week on each of the listed steps to help you sell you home in the Grand Rapids or West Michigan Housing Market.  Our program works anywhere in the nation with personalized services to help you sell your own home.

Sell Your Home or Use a Real Estate Agent?

Sell Your Own Home or use a Real Estate Agent to help you or sell your home for you.  Many home sellers consider the same question.  This isn’t a question if your goal is to increase your home selling profits.  You many not consider this question ever again once you know more about your selling chances if you decide to sell your own home.

The National Association of Realtors publishes profiles of Buyers and Sellers every year so this material can be used to market to clients better.  Some of the information provided offers insight while other aspect of the profiles offers specific market data.  The charts that show performance data or comparisons can be especially enlightening.

Considering selling your own home?   Will selling your home without a selling agent, mean you sell faster or will a real estate agent sell before you?  This question is on every home sellers mind before deciding use a real estate sales agent.  Time it takes to sell homes is a key  considerations when home selling your own home.  You want your home to sell as quickly as possible.

The faster your home sells the more money you make!  

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Selling Your Own Home without a Real Estate Agent means using "Low Cost" Professional Home Selling Tools offered

  1. The reason is you pay less taxes when your home sell quickly.
  2. You pay less interest on your mortgage if you have a mortgage.  Mortgage interest is calculated by the day.  That’s why selling at the end of the month is better than the first of the month.  Most mortgage company or lender charge you a whole months interest if you sell on the first or second it can be substantial.
  3. Insurance premiums will be prorated based on the duration of time your home is protected and premiums paid.  You likely could get a refund if your home sells quickly.  Or you may not have to pay the next premium due, if your home sells before the next billing cycle.

According to the National Association of Realtors for sale by owners take less time to sell their home than a real estate agent.  (Exhibit 8-7 of the association reports)  The average home seller without a real estate agent takes 9 weeks and the real estate agent takes 10 weeks.  This in itself doesn’t seem like a big deal, until you consider you are paying a large chunk of your selling profits in commission.   To sell you home in nearly the same time you can do it yourself.

This is just one of the reports found during a recent review of the 2011 “Profile of Buyers and Sellers” issued by the National Association of Realtors.  We will be sharing more reasons you can sell your own home without a real estate agent, in the near future.

Home Selling Stress

Selling your own home can be stressful “with or without” a real estate agent.  How you deal with the stresses of selling is based on how well you understand the home selling process.  What your situation is and how well you have planned your home selling strategy. is a professionally designed “For Sale By Owner” home selling strategy allowing sellers to

Proven Buyer Attention Grabbing Tools to Sell Your Own Home

Professional Real Estate Selling Tools to Sell Your Own Home

choose their home selling options with proven tools and techniques that best fit their needs.  You decide how and what serves your home selling situation best.  You have choices on how you sell your home, but one thing can be very important to everyone that sells.  How much are you going to have left after you sell your home?  What are your selling costs going to be?  Can you really sell your own home or is a real estate agent your best choice for your situation?

Everyone that has or is considering selling their own home has the same concerns.  In today’s economy selling and having cash left over from the sale of your home is not a guarantee like it used to be.  Today every penny counts when selling your home.  Real estate agents sell homes for a living and have a network to attract buyers.  Anyway that is what real estate agent like you to think.  Most real estate agents use what is called the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) to attract buyers.  They place your home for sale on the MLS and their website and hope a buyer likes your home and calls them.

The question is can you sell your own home?  You have to answer a few questions before you make the decision, you can.

  1. First let’s answer the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) question.  Can I get my home listed on the MLS without using a real estate agent to sell my home and still attract the same buyers the agent would have attracted?  The answer is yes!  Using the professional Gold selling program your listing is automatically included in Your Local MLS, once you fill out the local MLS required paperwork for inclusion.  We help you with that with a step-by-step fill in the blank process.
  2. You can set your own showing appointments even if you work.  All you need is a voice mail or answering machine.  Call the potential buyer back and set your appointment after a few qualifying questions we teach you.
  3. Preparing your home for showing.  You can do this.  You would do it anyways if you used a real estate agent.
  4. Showing your home.  Who better than you?  You know more about your property than a real estate agent.  You also are guided through the showing process when using including safety issues.
  5. Negotiations, you accept or reject offers now when you sell your home with a real estate agent.  The issue is you have someone between you and the buyer that has an interest in your home being sold!  When I say sold I mean sold…without a concern of impacting them more than a rise or lowering of commission.  Take $100,000 x 6% = $6000.00  Now consider $98,000.00 x 6% = $5880.  The real estate agent is dropping his commission by $120.00 and still gets paid.  Who has more interest in your sell price than you?

Your stress level is not going to change. The type of stresses may change, but they won’t increase if you sell your own home..  For example you still have to decide on a selling price.  The real estate agent may offer you some input but the truth is,

Making Your Home Attract More Buyers Selling Programs

Get your home noticed, Buyers Find Your Home First with the right Selling Strategy.

agents have a vested interest in the sell price you place on your home.  They will make recommendations but you still have the final selling price decision.  It’s your home.

Why would the agent care what price you decide to price your home?  Simple if it is lower than the other homes you are competing with his job is easier and will cost less in marketing.  If you decide to price your home higher than the market the agent has two people to sell.  You and the buyer.  The agent has to sell you on a lower price and sell the buyers on making a higher offer.  Unless they let your home sit on the market until you soften your price position.

The other issue that will happen almost immediately is the agent will tell you that he will take the listing but the price is to high.  Then keep after you to lower the price.  Creating stress from the agent representing you.

Pricing your home to sell is covered in detail in a book available in our company store.  Read this Step-By-Step Home Selling Guide before making any decision to sell on your own or use a real estate agent.  It’s worth the price!  It is included “Free” with some of our home selling packages.

The stress of keeping your home in show condition does not go away whether you are selling your own home or using a real estate agent.  What does change is who controls the showings and times.  Who negotiates your sell price and how your purchase agreement is written?  When you sell your own home you set the showing time convenient to you.

Home selling stress is always there if you are selling your home.  What isn’t included is the cost to sell your home when you take control and do the job yourself.


New Housing Sales Numbers Coming Out Today November 2011

Why is this important if you are selling or buying a home?  For home sellers these numbers indicate how the housing market is doing.  We all know housing prices have dropped but have they hit the bottom.  Both sellers and buyers will want to know this information.

What may buyers and sellers don’t take into consideration is this is a national number of home sales. The media

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We show you how to get buyers to Select Your Home First!

tends to give you the average numbers not specific to your location.  This means that the information may not be accurate for your town and neighborhood.  For example within a state cities have different unemployment levels.  Detroit Michigan was just name one of the top five lowest priced home markets in America.  That doesn’t mean that the million dollars homes in Gross Pointe Woods neighborhood will be affordable!

So make sure you look at the sales numbers in your area.  Find out home many homes are still for sale.  You can find these numbers with a few key strokes or a couple of phone calls.

Real estate agents use a tool called market absorption rate.  This is the number of months of homes available for sale.  A simple example is:  120 homes priced between $140,000 and $150,000 with 30 home per month in this price range selling.  The supply would be 4 months.  Number Available, Divided By Number Sold Equals Absorption Rate  120/30=4 months

This will give you an idea of how long it may take you to sell your home based on your price range.  For buyers this may offer them insight into how long they have to get financing ready before the home of their dreams is gone!

This number varies from state to state, city to city and neighborhood to neighborhood.  

Just Announced: November Home Sale Rise by 4%  NAR (National Association of Realtors) just release November Home Sales Figures.  Is this a good number or bad?  NAR reports this number is a revised number after correcting reporting errors in math that go back three years and over-stated home sales by nearly 3 million homes.

The rise in home sales is based on a couple of factors that may not be discussed by real estate agents or the new media.

  1. Historically Low Interest Rates, we may never see these interest rates again in our lifetime.  If you can take advantage of them this is the best time to buy.
  2. Low Housing Prices, most areas of the country have lower home selling prices that simulate home sales.
  3. More homes to choose from that buyers able to buy a home.  This makes the housing market a buyers market offering more bargain priced home and a better selection.  This means sellers have to be ready to sell and have their homes found by qualified buyers.
  4. End of the year, this means you have tax write offs that can be taken for 2011.  If you wait until 2012 to finalize your purchase you will miss this years tax options.
  5. The future, who knows what congress and the president are going to do?  They can at anytime pass rules that may increase costs to purchase homes.  The current laws and lending rules are only for as long as they last!

Stop back for more up to date real estate market information.  Thinking of selling your home.  Consider saving thousand using a home selling strategy that uses real estate agent proven techniques without the agent costs.

For Sale By Owner Woes

I just read an article that didn’t take into consideration of a court ruling.  The article was published on which has it’s own agenda of extending the myth real estate agents only can sell homes.

That’s like saying if you are not a member of the NRA (National Rifle Association) you can’t own a rifle or pistol.  The fact is they get money from memberships of real estate agents and spend millions every year to stop change in laws or add laws governing the sale of real estate.  Some actually help the public others hinder the publics opportunity, in our opinion.

The article uses a real estate agent term FSBO (For Sale By Owner).  I will post a link to the article so you can read it and compare the fact for yourself.  I have given an outline below of each topic point and the information to help you as a For Sale By Owner deal with each of the issues raised.  If you go to our website we offer many tools and home selling options to eliminate your selling fears.

The article had Five ( 5 ) points to show why selling your own home is difficult to nearly impossible.  

  1. FSBO’s ( For Sale By Owner) can’t list their home in the MLS. (Multiple Listing Service)  The real estate agent multiple listing service for your community has rules that prohibit you from listing on their site.  However, that does not mean an a licensed affiliate agent of can not list your home for you on the local real estate agents website.
  2. Agents won’t show FSBO (For Sale By Owner) homes. I you use the affiliate program you will have
    Selling Your Own Home Requires a Selling Strategy

    Selling Your Own Home Requires a Selling Strategy

    to offer a seller agent a commission.  Every area has a average commission agents that sell homes receive.  Buying agents normally get a share (split) of the Selling agents commission that listed the home for sale.  Most states have legal guidelines that do not allow real estate agents to discuss commission amounts with other agents.  This can create commission fixing or a standardized rate.  If you offer the accepted rate that a buyers agent would normally receive for selling a home, they will show your home.  Remember they don’t work for you.  TIP!  They work for the buyer.  Don’t tell the buyer’s agent anything you do not want the buyer to know!

  3. FSBO’s (For Sale By Owners) usually overprice their homes.  This is no secret.  This is the number 1 mistake sellers make when selling their own homes. has a guide “How To Price Your Home To Sell” in their company store.  For Sale By Owners are taught how to price their homes with easy to follow “Step By Step Home Pricing Methods”.  You’ll have home listed by real estate agents helping to sell your home first with this “Home Pricing Guide”!
  4. Buyers feel intimidated.  Most For Sale By Owner sellers do not know how to show homes.  We have guide to help you show your home using proven home selling techniques.  We have a top selling real estate broker write a guide outlining methods that are taught to real estate agents.  Look in the company store you’ll find home selling tools to help your sell your home like a real estate pro!  Buyer are not intimidated if you show you home and features without pressure.  How much pressure do you think the buyer is under having a real estate agent telling them how great a home is when it isn’t what them want?  Most agents are not worried if your home sells.  The real estate agent only cares if any home the buyer wants sells so they get a commission!
  5. FSBO’s (For Sale By Owners) are likely to stumble into legal trouble.  This used to be a big problem.  Today real estate agents fill in the blanks.  The forms real estate agents use put all the responsibility onto the seller anyway.  For Sale By Owners can for a small fee have a local attorney draft the buy/sell agreement. (Purchase Agreement)  You can buy the forms you need at the local office supply store.  This is more of a scare tactic than reality now.

Real estate agents want to sell homes and as long as they get paid they’ll bring buyers to anyones home regardless if it is listed or not.  You can offer a show and sell agreement, if you wish.  This means if the show your home and sell your home you have an agreement of what you will pay them for bringing the buyer.

I usually do not write posts this long but felt you needed to know some of the myths being used as fact to scare you into using real estate agents.  You can sell your own home, million of For Sale By Owners just like you do it every year.    As promised here is the link to the article.  For Sale By Owner Woes according to

Selling Your Own Home in Michigan

Michigan has been one of the states with very high unemployment and foreclosure rates.  These two factors alone cripple housing market sales.

It lowers the price you can get for your home when the economy is slow.  Fewer buyers are able to purchase homes and more homes are for sale because of the decreased demand.  This creates the “Perfect Storm” for sellers.

Full Money Back Guarantee

Full Money Back Guarantee...What Do You Have to Lose?

How do you maximize your profits and still sell your home without paying the high commissions real estate agents charge?  You take over your own home selling, representing yourself with a proven program that works.  You lower your selling costs by doing the work that a real estate agent charges for representing you.

Do you have the skills to sell your own home?  Do you have the right tools to sell your own home?  In most cases the answer is YES! has the tools and a package that fits every budget.  You can do this and if you decide later that selling on your own isn’t for you has a money back guarantee.  (See website for Details) offers a flat fee listing package to market your home.  If you would like your home on the local Real Estate Multiple Listing Service that package is also available. (under $500.00, flat fee)  This option will offer you the most buyer exposure while saving you thousands of dollars.

Professional Selling Tools when you Sell Your Own Home.

The Right Real Estate Selling Tools makes Selling Your Own Home Easy.

The selling package includes professional signage, open house signs, direction arrows and a large yard sign with a tube frame post not the wimpy blow sideways in the wind style signs you are used to seeing if you opt for the Professional Selling Package.

Lower your real estate selling costs when you need the money the most. offers easy to use selling programs.  You select the right program to fit your needs.  No high pressure.  You fill in your property information and descriptions, add your own photos.  Get a virtual tour created automatically as you load your photos.  Get a custom brochure created automatically as you load your property descriptions…includes photos that you loaded automatically as well.

It is Simple and it Works!

Buyers call you, you set your own showing appointments when it is convenient to you.  You know everything because you are the one in contact with the buyer.  No more miss communication.  No more lack of information or phone tag.  You control your own real estate selling process and save thousands.

It’s easy to use.  Just follow the Step-By-Step instructions on the website.

Happy Selling and Saving! 

from the staff.

Residential Builders, Sell Your New Home

Many residential builders struggle with the home selling process after building a beautiful home.  Here is a builder selling program that takes the struggles of marketing and selling and turns them into home selling solutions

You have built a beautiful home but if buyers don’t know about it you home won’t sell.  For Sale By Owners have the same struggle in selling as builders. has a simple and easy to use selling program for Builders and for

Selling Your Home or Property without a Real Estate Agent

Professional Real Estate Selling Tools without a Real Estate Agent,

sale by owner sellers.  Sell your own home with a professional proven home selling program.

Follow the Step-By-Step Selling Program designed to be easy and it works!  Once you have registered for a selling package that meets your needs you are give a private user name and password.  You simple fill in the blanks, write a description and load your photos.  It sounds simple because it is.  Your color brochure is created at the time you load your photos and create your property descriptions automatically for you.

Wished you had a “Virtual Tour”?  That is created automatically too when you upload your homes photos.  The program even offers suggestions on how-to place your photos for maximum buyer exposure.

Want real home selling help?  You get a handy guide and with some of the selling packages you get a “Step-By-Step Home Selling Guide”.  Read it and sell your home.  It outlines pricing, staging, hosting open houses, marketing and networking…it’s all there just follow the comprehensive selling guide.

Builders have more than one home to sell?  Find out about the “Builders Special” package.  You will appreciate this home selling option.

Learn more by going to our website Email us at for any questions.

Real Estate Selling Help without the costs of a real estate selling agent commission.

Sell My Own Home Website

Looking for a way to save thousands of dollars and sell your own home without paying a huge real estate commission?  Now you can with professional real estate selling programs designed by 

As a home owner I have had several homes sold by real estate agents and paid big selling commissions like everyone else.  After hiring several real

Professionally Designed Sell Your Own Home For Sale Sign

Professional Real Estate Selling Tools to Sell Your Own Home

 estate agents that did very little to earn the thousands of dollars in commissions I finally pressed the selling process myself.  As the owner developer of I looked at alternatives to using real estate agents.  Why pay real estate commissions when doing most the work to help a real estate agent get paid?

Home selling programs had to be sophisticated to compete with real estate companies and attract a wide range of buyers.  The home selling website had to have the information buyers wanted to see.  The selling by owner website had to have virtual tours, printable brochures, maps and neighborhood information. 

Any website that was going help sellers in the selling of their own home needed to also include, easy to use methods, to gather property information that could be converted automatically into a brochure.  Photos that would be converted into the virtual tour and added to the brochure auto matically. 

The selling programs had to include professionally designed home for sale signs and how-to guides offering all skill levels of sellers the opportunity to market and sell homes. exceeded the goals of a “Selling Homes Website”. utilizes professional selling tools.  Help seller attract buyers with easy to follow yet sophisticated marketing programs that rival and surpass most real estate agents efforts without the cost.

If you have been looking for a “Sell My Own House” program, you will be thrilled with the professional real estate selling tools offers you.  The cost of selling your own home is backed by a money back guarantee. (see website for details)

Home Selling Prices Drop Again

Home selling prices posted another disappointing drop according to Standard and Poors who tracks the top 20 cities.  Reuters posted the article just a few minutes ago.  This is the fifth straight month home prices have gone done.

Selling your home in the traditional manner may not be cost-effective.  If you sell and have to bring money to close to sell your home

Professional Selling Tools at your Fingertips

Sell Your Own Home with Professional Selling Tools

 and have to add real estate selling commissions on top of that, it may be a deal buster for you! helps you exposure your home to a wide audience of buyers without paying a real estate selling commission.  This could make the difference in your ability to accept a lower than expected offer and still make it work. 

Nobody thinks the housing market is going to stay low forever but if you need to sell right now it doesn’t make a difference what the housing market does three years from now.

The housing market is not expected to rebound in the next 6 months or year.   We will see the normal surge of home listings in the spring market.  This is fueled because sellers want to be moved before fall.  Selling your home now without all the competition could be a benefit.  Selling your home without paying a real estate agent commission could be the difference in selling and not selling.

Homes listed with a real estate agent have to sell for more than those not listed with a real estate agent.  This mean if you price your home right the listed homes could help sell your home first.  This is only one of the tips you will find in the “Step-By-Step Home Selling Guide”.  Of course you will get more detail on many areas of the selling process.

List your home with and get a “Free Selling Guide”, register for the Professional Gold selling program and get the “Step-By-Step Home Selling Guide” included free.  The Home Selling Guide has over

Professional Selling Tools delivered to your doorstep. Professional Selling Programs with "Power Selling Tools"

 150 pages of home selling tips and tricks written by a practicing real estate broker specifically for  He trains agents how to sell homes.  He shares the secrets of home selling.  If you do nothing else buy the “Step-By-Step Home Selling Guide”  it is worth every penny.  If after reading the “Home Selling Guide” you register for one of the selling programs…include in the book is a code that will give you back 150% of the book purchase price toward your selling program.  That’s how sure is that you will be delighted and prepared to save thousands of dollars with one of their Professional Selling Packages.

Shipped to your front door, when you register, before your sign package and other home selling tools arrive we help you jump start your selling process by walking you through how to get started.  With you get your own user name and password to access your selling account 24/7 so don’t worry if you make a mistake or want to change something.  You contol your selling process and we help you reach your selling goal.

Sell A Home Without Real Estate Agent

This may seem like an odd statement, yet millions of people sell their homes every year without a real estate agent.  How do they

Selling Your Home or Property without a Real Estate Agent

Professional Real Estate Selling Tools with a Real Estate Agent,

 accomplish this?  Some already know the buyer and don’t need a real estate agent.  Others told friends and created a buyer with word of mouth they were planning on selling.  Others sold to a neighbor or a neighbor’s friend.  These are in the minority of the sales.

Selling today can be a challenge unless you have a selling strategy and a way to implement getting your property or home sold.  Think of having a personal consultant to guide you through the selling process.  You need someone who knows real estate selling; knows what to do next and when to implement the next step in the selling process.  Someone to offer you selling advice to help you made the right decision.

Home Selling is about buyer exposure.  So once we know what we have to do the next think is making it happen.  Creating Buyer exposure to

Real Estate Home Selling Guide

Real Estate "Step-By-Step Selling Guide"

 the largest number of buyer possible is also a real estate selling requirement.  Maximize selling profits while limiting the selling expense is a simple business decision. 

Think of Selling a Home as a business decision. has produced professional selling programs with proven selling results.  Sell your house with confidence.  Jump start your selling process using professionally designed real estate selling tools.

Selling without a Real Estate Agent can be easier than you think if you have the right tools.  Multiple Listing Services helps expose your home to buyers and buyer agents.  Home selling has been with us for 100’s of years.  The Internet has created a way for you to Sell Your Home without a Real Estate Agent and keep thousands of dollars in your pocket.

Can you sell your own home or property without a real estate agent?  Absolutely, thousands of people just like you have already done it.   Will you need selling tools that are more sophisticated than a sign with your phone number printed on it with marker?  YES!  How do you know you can really sell without special education, training or prior selling experience?  Using proven real estate selling program and professionally designed tools and your owner “Step-By-Step Real Estate Seller Guide”.

You have an expert in your own home to refer to anytime you have a question.  You can sell your own home without a Real Estate Agent and can help save you thousands of dollars in selling commissions at the same time.